It’s been about 2 weeks since the last D&C (3 weeks since the first one) and I am still feeling a little twang of pain here and there in my abdomen.  I’m scared, but the twangs of pain are few and far between so it’s not really too alarming.  I was also bleeding yesterday.  It wasn’t a lot, but it definitely wasn’t spotting – it was as if I was on my period again, but I know I’m not.  It did stop, though, so I’m glad about that.  I thought this was all supposed to cease a few days after the procedure?

My main worry is that they perforated my uterus, but I’m pretty sure it’s not that.  The symptoms (at least, from what I’ve read – does anyone know more about it?  I couldn’t find much) are that I would have so much pain that I couldn’t walk and that I’d be running a fever, and so far I have had none of that.  I just worry because that was the main risk with having a D&C, since the uterus is so soft when you’re pregnant and it’s possible that they could accidentally cut me.

I still haven’t heard back about my insurance (switching and all), and I have a doctor’s appointment next Thursday.  I’d rather say to hell with Kaiser and be done with it, but I also want to make sure that there are no further complications or anything that would prevent me from getting pregnant in the future or put the baby at risk, so I’m gonna keep the appointment.

You know what’s lame (I just remembered it and I laughed to myself)?  So, I got a call from a nurse on the August 17th (4 days after the procedure) and when I answered the phone and found out who she was she proceeded to say “We here at Kaiser just wanted to say congratulations on the birth of your child and that we do a follow-up appointment 6 weeks after delivery for all mother’s to make sure everything is okay.  What date works best for you?”

I was stunned.  She was calling to congratulate me?  On delivering?  So I said “I’m not sure you’re calling the right patient…” and she confirmed my medical # and everything and sure enough it was me.  I proceeded to ask her why she felt it was necessary for me to have this appointment, and she said it was for the sake of my good health and to make sure everything is okay and that this was a standard check up.

I then proceeded to ask her if she knew if I had a boy or a girl.  She said “Excuse me?”  I asked her again and she said it didn’t say – she was just going off of a list.  So I said she should look at a different list with my information and after she does that, call me back.

She didn’t call me back.  Another nurse I was working with did though, and she apologized about the whole situation and said I still needed to have that appointment to make sure everything is okay.  She also said that even though I had the miscarriage, that it is considered by them to be a delivery and my name just went on a list for that nurse to call, because she is the one who schedules the follow-up appointment for all mothers who just gave birth.