Hi, sweet little Ava.  You’re in Jesus’ arms now, exactly where He wanted you!  Please find Lola and Lolo Ramos, Lola and Lolo Cortez, Uncle Jun, Uncle Monching, Uncle Mala, Auntie Garding, and Uncle Ben.  They will always play with you and take care of you.

Find Keta and Max, too – they wanna play with you, also!

I’ll miss you everyday, and I will never forget you.  If you see me crying, it’s only because I’m happy that you are now in a better place.  You made my life complete, even if you were only here for a little bit.  Mommy and Daddy love you so much.  Come to me in my dreams, sweetheart.  Visit Daddy in his dreams too.  We’re always here for you.