Post by: Mommy Carpio

I’ve gone on lots of baby forums for advice and to read what other moms-to-be are going through, and I met two really cool girls – Alana and Jenny.  Jenny is almost due – I think she only has like 6 weeks left?  And Alana is due around the same time as I am.  Anyways, I just think it’s really cool to have met others who are going through the same thing.  Congrats to both of you!

I also wanted to say congratulations to Kristi – she and Justin are expecting another little cutie sometime next March!  I was really excited to hear about that, and I was even more excited today when Jamie (the Human Resources gal at work who has been so helpful with getting me signed up for FMLA) told me that she was pregnant too!!  I was joking with my friend Sarah because I said something is in the water and she better be careful or she may be next! 🙂  She’d be a great mommy, though 😉

It’s funny how it seems that women get pregnant all around the same time.  So far, that’s 3 people at my work (although Kristi doesn’t come around anymore – but we still miss her!) who are pregnant.  I wonder who’s next?