Post by: Mommy Carpio

I have since stopped craving Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches – strange, because I love that stuff!  What am I craving now?  Nothing really, still, but I do have something that I totally love…


Right now, they are my FAVORITE thing to eat.  They’re so juicy and great when they’re cold – I just slice them up and eat them just like that.  I was telling my friend Sarah at work that they just seem so refreshing, especially in this heat.  I have 2 with my lunch, not matter what I’m having for lunch (but usually, it’s something that goes good with tomatoes).

I wouldn’t say I’m craving them, because it’s not like I have to have them morning, noon, and night like some other preggo ladies that I read about on forums and stuff.  I don’t want tomato juice, and I am not craving stewed tomatoes like some other lady said.  I just want a cold, straight from the fridge, sliced up tomato.  I’ve always liked tomatoes just like that, and now, they hit the spot like nothing else can.

Hey, at least it isn’t ice cream, right?