Post by: Mommy Carpio

I can’t wait for this first trimester to progress into the second trimester.  I’m not trying to rush baby carpio, but seriously?  I’ve had enough of this feeling so blah.

Today is one of my not-doing-so-well days.  I dunno – it almost feels like I’m in a deep depression.  It happens when I’m at work – but it’s not my co-workers or the work itself; it’s just me.  I feel like this when I get home, too, but then I see Ed and I start to feel better.

I have been worrying a lot about the baby, especially since my doctor asked me to come in for more tests on Wednesday (my arm is still so bruised up from all the blood they took).  I’m trying to regulate the worry-wart in me though, because I’m driving myself crazy with all the concerns.  It’s also hard not to look up certain things on the internet to get an idea of what’s going on, but then all I end up doing is worrying myself even more because of the things I read, so I’m trying to stop that.

Haven’t had an appetite today.  I ate oatmeal at about 7am, and started to feel nauseous at around 11:30, so I ate some fruit snacks.  Now I’m trying to eat this soup for lunch.  I started out with chicken noodle, but I threw it out.  Now this vegetable beef one has been sitting in front of me for 30 minutes and I haven’t touched it.  I probably shouldn’t have opened the can because I just don’t want it. 😦

Ed bought me some bananas last night – they were so good.  He also got me a Luna Bar in Strawberries & Cream – that was really good too.  I wish they made sugar free – then I would be all over that.  But, I don’t wanna go all crazy on sugary stuff ’cause that’s not good for me or the baby, so it’s better just to stay away.

Gosh, I really put no effort whatsoever into this post.  I’m sorry.  I guess it’s just a reflection of how I’m feeling.  I hope you’re all doing better than I am.