Post by: Mommy Carpio

Pro: My boobs are getting bigger LOL

Con: They hurt like hell – it hurts to even sleep on them


Pro: My hair is thicker and fuller!

Con: Lately, it’s been so hot that I want to pull a Britney Spears and shave it all off


Pro: My nails have always been pretty strong, and now they’re even stronger and healthier looking!

Con: I’ve been so clumsly lately that I keep breaking them, so I end up cutting and filing them down anyway


Pro: My appetite is back!

Con: I am having major heartburn – a notorious symptom of pregnancy.  I have probably had heartburn a total of 2 times in my whole life, and now I get it after almost every meal


Pro: I’m feeling happy and healthy and positive about this baby!

Con: Even though I feel happy, I am still riding that emotional roller coaster.  Someone’s car alarm has been going off everyday in the parking lot for the last week and today I started crying because it was so irritating LOL


Pro: I feel my tummy getting a little harder from the uterus and baby growing

Con: I’m in that stage where it looks like I’m just getting fatter and fatter, not more pregnant


Pro: I just bought a bunch of yummy snacks at Target to keep at my desk so I can eat small meals and snacks every 2 hours rather than eating a really big breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Con: As soon as I started putting them away in my desk, none of them looked appetizing to me anymore 😦


Pro: The gal in our HR department at work is helping me sign up for FMLA, so that I can take time off when I have the baby!

Con: I realized how much I’m going to miss my coworkers while I’m gone – people should be as lucky as I am to work with/for the people that I do.


Pro: Thanks to Kristi’s advice, I went out and bought B6 vitamins to help ease my nausea, and it is already starting to work!

Con: I spilled about 20 of them on the floor in my office and I had to throw them out because I’m a germophobe like that


Pro: I have been getting up and walking around a lot more lately!

Con: It’s mostly been to go to the bathroom and pee for the millionth time


Pro: We have our 2nd prenatal appointment on July 5th!

Con: I’m worried about….EVERYTHING!!  First time mommy jitters


Pro: I have a wonderful husband who cares for me, cooks for me, and keeps me comfortable

Con: Of course there’s no con, silly!  He’s gonna be a great daddy 🙂