Post by: Mommy Carpio

Today was our first prenatal appointment!  I was nervous of course, especially because I had a new gyno to deal with – I was hoping she would be good. 

We got to Kaiser at 8:45am, even though our appointment wasn’t until 9:30am, because they told me I would have to fill out a ton of paperwork.  It wasn’t bad – only about 7-8 pages.  When they finally called us in, I started to get nervous.  They did the routine stuff – recorded my weight, took my blood pressure – and then Ed and I went to my room, where I had to change into that ever so fashionable hospital gown and fill out more paperwork. 

My new gyno came in and I loved her right off the bat!  I’m glad I have her – she made everything feel easy.  Then we got right into my favorite part – NOT!!  That’s right, the pap smear.  We’ll stop talking about that right there.  Anyway, so she used her little chart and figured that Baby Carpio is going to be due on February 11, 2008 – I was only off by one day!!  And then the most fabulous part – she did an ultrasound!!  Since I’m not big enough yet for the baby to be seen by doing an ultrasound on my stomache, she had to go another route – I’ll spare you the details on that one, too :/

It was the COOLEST thing though…we saw the heartbeat!!  When I was looking on the screen, I could see my stomach (or, what I guess is my stomach) and this black hole right in the middle and I was wondering where the baby was – and all of a sudden we see this little dot on the screen and it’s blinking.  I came to find out later that the black hole is my uterus – Ed thought it was the baby! hehe.  Anyway, the doctor measured Baby Carpio and currently he/she is .40 cm – our little “lima bean” as she put it.  She printed out the pictures and we couldn’t stop looking at them all afternoon.

Then I was scheduled to do some other tests and get some blood drawn, so we didn’t get out of there until about 12noon.  We called our parents and told them the good news, and they’re just as happy as us to hear that we saw the heartbeat.

I am EXHAUSTED right now, so I think I’m gonna take a nap.  I’m so happy!!