Post by: Daddy Carpio 

So last Sunday, I ended up hanging out with my dad and some family in San Diego at a park for Father’s day and Michael’s graduation picnic. My Aunts were so delighted to find out about Angela’s pregnancy and were so excited that a new generation is about to begin. None of my dad’s brothers or sisters are grandparents yet and they have been hounding all of us (cousins and siblings…. well except for the young ones) for a grand child or 2 or even 3 and its been a long time coming. I’m almost 30 years old (I need to stop reminding myself) and I think this is the perfect time for me and Angela to have our first child. It will give us plenty of time to nurture, raise and enjoy our children and have enough energy to run, play and go on trips with them (I just got myself all excited thinking about it).

Everyone was proud of me and Angela and it felt like I achieved a major milestone in my life, come to think of it…. I really did. Having a child with Angela will be the greatest achievement that I wil accomplish.