Post by: Mommy Carpio

It’s Monday, and I’m miserable.

I wish I could be at home all day, just laying in bed, watching tv or sleeping.  But alas, Baby Carpio needs a few things – like clothes, food, a place to live – so it’s off to work I go LOL.  It’s not that bad – I really don’t have bad morning sickness at all!!  In the morning, I get nauseous, but haven’t gotten to the point of throwing up, and I just feel kinda “blah” all day.  I can feel myself getting cranky and irritable, but I try to tell myself to be calm and just chill, because everyone around me is trying to make everything easy on me, and that’s so wonderful.  I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings by saying something stupid just because my hormones are out of whack.  I also don’t want to affect my blood pressure because during pregnancy it fluctuates so much (and it’s really low when i’m feeling cranky and hungry), and it’s dangerous to raise it too quickly, when it lowers on its own so quickly. 

As far as my health goes, I’m feeling alright.  I look up every symptom I’m feeling and I can always find an answer or a reason to it.  Most recently I was concerned with my shortness of breath.  I was wondering why I’d be gasping for breath when I’d walk from the car to the door of our condo, which is probably something like 30-40 steps away – I felt as if I’d ran a marathon!

Well, according to, There are two main reasons that pregnant women often feel short of breath: the pregnancy hormone, progesterone, and the expanding uterus. Many women start to notice the effects of progesterone as early as the first trimester. This hormone causes women to breathe more deeply than before pregnancy, and gives them a sense of discomfort, as if they are not breathing deeply enough. Late in pregnancy, as the uterus grows, the lungs don’t expand as easily, leading to shallower respirations and shortness of breath.

That’s a relief to know that it’s normal.  So, now that I know that, I’m trying to take it easy.  We’ve got our first doctor’s appointment this Thursday, and I’m nervous!!  Wish us luck!