Post by: Mommy Carpio

I’ve always loved “Goobers” by smuckers.  You know what I’m talking about – that peanut butter that’s swirled with either grape jam or strawberry jam.  I prefer the grape. 

And now that they make “Uncrustables” with that stuff, I love it even more.  On Wednesday, John took me and Ed to Costco and he bought us a BUNCH of groceries – all sorts of things that I love (cheese, yogurt, chicken tenders, etc.) and a box of Uncrustables. 

Like I said, I’ve always thought they were good, but right now I think they are downright heaven sent!!  I can’t get enough of them – although I’m not going to go overboard on them because I don’t want to mess up my blood sugar (which is something that is very important to watch when you’re pregnant, or you risk getting gestational diabetes).  I just ate one right now, and it was the most satisfying thing EVER lol

I’m feeling better, lately, too.  I still wake up with nausea, but the things I’ve been doing to try and keep it at a minimum (walking, drinking a TON of water, and sitting up straight as opposed to laying down all the time) are really working.  I’m not feeling as much stretching in my uterus right now, which scared me because I thought something was wrong.  Thank God for the internet, ’cause I read up about that.  Apparently, Baby Carpio isn’t concentrating so much on growing bigger (although she still is) as she/he was in the past few weeks, but now, Baby Carpio is busy growing a brain, lungs, and facial features like the jaws, cheeks, and chin.  She’s gonna go through a growth spurt soon, but right now, his/her tiny heart (which is just two chambers right now) is busy pumping blood throughout his/her tiny body.  You go, Baby Carpio!

On a side note, Auntie Audrey is off jury duty!  Her case ended up settling out of court, so that just saved her 2 weeks more of jury duty insanity.  She came by my office this morning with a present – the book “Dear Mr. Henshaw” by Beverly Cleary.  We had talked a while ago about how much we both liked this book (in the book, the main character writes to his favorite author and he says he really “licked” the book hehe).  Inside she wrote

Dear Angela,

I saw this book and thought of you. 

I hope that your child loves it when you read it to him or her.

You’re going to be a great mommy!

Love, Audrey

She’s so sweet!  I’m definitely going to be reading this book to Baby Carpio while she’s still in the womb!