Post By: Mommy Carpio

Man it is INSANE how much my body is changing already.  I notice every little change, too.  First of all, my boobs hurt like no other!  I feel like I was in a boxing match and that my opponent only concentrated on hitting me right there 😦

Also, the nausea has officially settled in.  I’m trying not to throw up, and so far I’m doing a pretty good job about it.  In the morning, when I start to feel nauseous, I get up right away (and trust me, with as tired as I am, this is no easy task), get Roxy and strap on her harness, and go for a walk, which she needs as much as I do.  I read that this is a good thing to do to stave off the nausea.

Last night I had a weird dream – I dreamt I was at work and we all were getting ready to leave, and then there was a bit of an earthquake and I look outside and the Statue of Liberty was floating right past my window.  It looked like a scene out of “The Day after Tomorrow” and it was scary.  Then Cathrine showed up with Roxy and Bailey and she was trying to put Roxy’s leash on so that she wouldn’t run outside.  All of a sudden, a big boat crashed into the building and we crouched on the floor to avoid getting hit by the pointy thing at the front….and then that was it.

Man, this nauseous feeling is kicking my butt.  I ate my cereal this morning (Kellogg’s Smart Start cereal) and I took my prenatal vitamin and folic acid, ’cause you have to take it with food.  I don’t usually start feeling better until the afternoon, but yesterday I felt crappy ALL day, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

Hope everyone is doing good.  Say a little prayer for Baby Carpio 🙂