Post by: Daddy Carpio

 So life is great… its to bad that work gets in the way. So what do I do when the proxy server is down and I can’t visit sites I’m not allowed to when I’m at work? Well I drift into a different plane of thinking called day dreaming. Its where you’re completely awake and asleep at the same time. Its when your left side of the brain is working simultaneously with your right in a seamless cooperative action while you completely control the muscles that prevent you from snoring and drooling. Its when I travel to any time and place I want to go to.  Its my happy place when I’m not with my wife and kid.

In my mind I’ve already taken mommy and baby to disneyland for the first time. Mommy and I have taken baby to his/her first trick or treatin’… I’ve done a lot of fun things… Then I wake up and realize that it hasn’t happened yet (well duhh)… But then I look at the bright side and think – That I’ll be able to do it again, but next time its going to be for real.