Morning Sickness

Post By: Mommy Carpio 

Last night we went to Target to buy Prenatal Vitamins and Folic acid, at the suggestion of my older sister, Chris (“Ott”).  After Target, we stopped at Togo’s for my Turkey and Cranberry sandwich, and then I made Ed stop at McDonald’s for french fries! LOL  I overdid it though – but at least we were able to just relax at home, with Uncle John and Auntie Cathrine, who stopped by for a visit.

Earlier that day, Auntie Laurent and her friend Michelle came by for a visit, and to pick up Michelle’s husbands jacket that he left at the Memorial day party.  We had a good visit, talking about anything and everything.  Unfortunately, I was so out of it and sleepy that I think I missed parts of our conversation here and there.