Post by: Mommy Carpio

Okay, so I keep updating this thing…but you keep reading (I hope!) so why not keep writing! hehe

I just sent an email asking if I can go home early.  All of a sudden I am not feeling well at all.  I forgot to bring oatmeal this morning, and the package of Ritz I have in my desk don’t look appetizing all of a sudden.  I had cookies, but the look of them made me sick to my stomach, so I just threw them out. 

Last night, Ed made chicken with pasta and I ate like 3 plates of it!!  GOOD GRIEF!  Then he said he was going to make me some for lunch, and I blurted out that I didn’t want the noodles.  He didn’t believe me, and made them for me anyway.  He knows I love pasta, so I guess I didn’t really believe myself, and I was surprised those words came out of my mouth.

So anyway, I was feeling so hungry this morning that I decided to eat my lunch.  One look at those noodles though, and I wanted to punch a wall.  Why?  I have no clue.  I just didn’t want to eat them as they just did not appeal to me.   I did eat the chicken though (it’s sauteed in cream of mushroom) and now all of a sudden I feel sick.  My stomach feels so empty, and at the same time it feels like it’s about to burst from eating too much (even though I ate half a chicken breast this morning?).  Man, I’m sure these feelings are going to get worse…

but it’ll be worth it, ’cause BabyCarpio is on his or her way 🙂